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I am a qualified psychotherapist (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy trained and member).  I have practised as a therapist (in private practice and in the NHS) and coach since 2005 both in the UK and in Dubai.  My greatest joy is helping people to grow and develop.  I believe that by working on truly understanding ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses and our ways of relating, each of us can overcome adversity, find the positives within and ultimately thrive.

As well as being a wife and mother of two daughters, I have had a varied career which started in advertising in London in the 1990s.  It was during this time that I encountered my own issues - a desire for perfection and high achievement in all areas of my life that ultimately led to the end of my first marriage and addictive behaviours.  I failed to 'cope' and had a breakdown resulting in an episode of psychiatric care.  This period of my life was extremely hard but taught me a huge amount about myself.  It also led to my fundamental belief in the power of good psychotherapy and gave me the drive and determination to help others benefit from the healing process of therapy and the focus and growth that coaching can provide.

My training and years of experience have served only to increase my passion for helping people to grow.  The pathway to growth can be scary but real change comes to those prepared to truly see themselves head on, ask sometimes difficult questions and tackle behaviours and ways of relating that are not serving them well.  My role and privilege is to be alongside you as your journey unfolds.


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