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I offer both psychotherapy and coaching.  My experience has shown that whilst the two are different disciplines there can be cross-over.  Importantly, many clients are unclear as to which pathway may be most appropriate and useful for them.  I am able to spend time understanding the concerns you present, explaining and helping you appreciate the benefits of both therapy and coaching  and then agreeing a bespoke plan of how best to address your issues.  There are times when aspects of both therapy and coaching can work in combination.


As I have asserted, I believe there is some overlap between psychotherapy and coaching but there are also key differences.  I think the differences can be best summarised in that therapy works to help you heal from your past by understanding your patterns of behaviour, belief structures and ways of relating in the present.  Coaching is a focus on future goals and identifying any obstacles and behaviours in order to create an action plan to achieve a desired result.  

Below is a summary of some of the key differences between the two disciplines:

PSYCHOTHERAPY focuses on dealing with the past where COACHING focuses on the present and future

PSYCHOTHERAPY is driven by unresolved feelings and emotions where COACHING is driven by goals and taking action 


PSYCHOTHERAPY works to achieve understanding of self where COACHING works towards a higher level of functioning 


PSYCHOTHERAPY seeks to understand the root of problems where COACHING is results-based and focuses on solutions

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