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I'd like to say how much I appreciate all you have done for Abbi and I since we began with you in March. You have been so fantastic with us and have completely exceeded any expectations I had before we began this journey. Thank you so much for everything.  

David and Abbi, Dubai

I want to write this as a sincere thank you to Kate for helping me make significant progress in understanding myself and how I interact with the world around me.


Initially, I sought Kate's assistance due to challenges with anger management, which had turned into my default setting. Admitting you have an issue is always the first step. But I was nonetheless sceptical about whether "therapy" was for me — I would still have held this belief had I not met Kate.


Patient, while still challenging (a great thing), Kate helped me not only acknowledge but understand that while I have difficulty forming relationships and conforming with societal norms, this was OK and didn't mean I was apathetic — a deep-seated belief I had held about myself. 


Kate's guidance has helped reframe this thinking to a point where I now see an expression of emotion as a positive rather than a weakness. I continue to see the significant impacts on my relationships, with marked improvements in my communication, emotional availability, and anger management. All of which I attribute to the work we've done together.


Thank you, Kate, for your guidance and support. And for anyone seeking support, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Joe, Dubai

It's very difficult to put into a words what Kate has done for our marriage, and for us both. The very first session that we had with Kate we knew instantly we were working with a professional and someone we could trust completely.

We were quite possibly at our lowest point of our marriage, feeling a complete disconnect with one another. We have a 19 month son, run a business and were living separate lives and we didn’t feel hopeful before meeting Kate.  We’ve recently come to the end of our weekly sessions with Kate and she has quite simply saved our marriage. We have come out of these sessions feeling a sense of togetherness, a want to move forward, a sense of hope and feeling thankful for one another again. 

The sessions have been a mixture of anger, tears and insight with real moments of clarity and understanding of ourselves and as a couple, something we haven’t been able to do in our 15 years of being together. You never feel that Kate takes sides. She manages to guide the sessions with great understanding, empathy and warmth. There is a brilliant balance of self-discovery along with her uncanny ability to see things clearly and capture our outcomes into understandable language. You feel like she genuinely wants to help you both.

We're both incredibly thankful to Kate. Knowing she’s in our lives if we ever need a bit of support in future is so reassuring.

Helen & Matt, Dubai

Working with Kate was transformative.  She guided me through the complex emotions of family dynamics and helped me navigate the profound grief of my bereavement. Her empathetic approach and insightful guidance allowed me to confront and acknowledge the deep-rooted issues within my family, fostering healing and personal growth. I am grateful for her compassionate support, which has been instrumental in my journey toward emotional well-being and understanding.

Rachel, Dubai

I have honestly never valued a process so much as I have with Kate. I started seeing her on my own and it was at a time in my life where my plates were spinning out of control and my empathy towards myself and everyone else was low. The journey I went on with Kate to understand myself better, and to balance my career & personal life allowed me to pull myself out of that situation, and in turn, save my marriage, which was dangerously close to ending.

I still see Kate now with my husband for couples therapy which has honestly been a life & marriage saver and we’re learning how to communicate and understand each other so much more. 

Kate’s skill set is so valuable, and she herself is so lovely, that I am forever grateful for meeting her. 

Kate, Dubai

Kate is an amazing therapist! She creates a very warm atmosphere that matches her warm character - she instantly put me at ease! Kate has the ability the create a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate space which allowed me to open up and share my deep thoughts and emotions. 


Kate showed an exceptional level of empathy and understanding of my issues. She always made me feel heard and validated! She asked insightful questions that resulted in a much deeper understanding of myself and my problems. Kate’s experience and expertise were evident throughout - she had a way of helping me break down complex issues to turn them into much more manageable challenges.


Kate’s guidance has helped me to take hold of insurmountable obstacles and make positive changes on my life. She genuinely cares about my wellbeing and goes above and beyond to ensure I am comfortable! 


I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact Kate has had on my life. Her expertise, compassion, and dedication have helped me navigate some of the most difficult moments, and I can confidently say that I am in a much better place thanks to her.  I wholeheartedly recommend Kate to anyone seeking a compassionate, skilled and experienced professional.

Niamh, Dubai

I cannot recommend Kate highly enough. She was patient, compassionate and provided a safe and comfortable space to accept and talk about feelings I have always found difficult to share. I came to her at my lowest point in terms of mental health and with her help and guidance worked through those feelings to accept, manage and understand them. I am now in a happy place and feel comforted knowing I have the tools to help me manage my emotional state .

Dan, Dubai

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